Get behind the Aegon GB FutureStars

If you support Aegon’s FutureStars you’re getting behind the whole future of British tennis. We’re working with the LTA to help the country’s most promising young tennis stars make the most of their talent.

At Aegon we believe it’s vital to prepare early for future success. This programme identifies the top emerging talent from across Britain and ensures that they receive the right support to develop their tennis careers whether that’s as a player, coach or another role within the sport.

There are currently 150 Aegon FutureStars, ranging from 10 to 16 years old. They’re selected each year based on their individual talent assessment and ranking throughout the year.

We’re proud to give the youngsters an exclusive training kit and with the LTA, provide unique opportunities for them, like getting on court at our events for special exhibition displays: It’s all part of our mission to help the UK get ready for the future.

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